New Field-Based Account Management Model Coming Soon

Blockbuster. MySpace. Boom Boxes.

Some things aren’t meant to last forever. New technologies evolve, generations change, and we move forward, learning from the past and embracing new ideas, technologies, and processes.

The team at Care Services recognizes the importance of moving forward. Since our founding, our team has conducted internal business reviews to identify how we can evolve our service model to remain at the forefront of the market. We use both formal and informal feedback from our clients from surveys and client advisory board meetings, as well as feedback from each internal department, to identify opportunities for growth.

Previous assessments have focused on new technology and business processes that can improve backup pharmacy processes. One such review resulted in us sending our portal to the graveyard of history and developing TracRx as the industry’s most advanced portal. We also embraced the gig economy (a labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts as opposed to permanent jobs) and added the largest gig economy ride-share and the largest gig economy package delivery to our already broad proprietary network to further improve access and cost-efficiency. As we examined our account management model, we decided that we wanted to evolve this as well.

As we head into 2021, Care Services is developing a field-based account management model that places our account managers geographically closer to our customers as opposed to in our corporate office.

“Our decision to move to a field-based account management model will allow our account managers to build personal relationships with clients at the local and regional level,” said Jay Palin, president of backup pharmacy services for Care Services. “We want the pharmacists using our program to know our account managers and feel comfortable going to them directly for support.”

Care Services has had an established account management program for quite some time that includes providing clients with direct contact for program management and includes providing proactive reporting and quarterly business reviews. This will continue but we will build on this model by providing an additional layer of support to pharmacists at individual pharmacy locations.

“There can be a disconnect in our relationship with our contacts at the corporate office and the pharmacists at our client’s pharmacy locations who are involved in the day-to-day order process,” said Palin. “We want to make sure we are providing the appropriate level of support to address the needs of those on the pharmacy frontline and this model will allow us to do that,” he said.

Over the next several months, the Care Services team will begin introducing new regional account managers to our clients. Our team will be available to conduct onsite meetings or training sessions, as needed, and answer questions related to our program. We hope this will add significant value to our clients as we focus on helping our clients maximize pharmacy profitability.

For more information, or to provide feedback, contact our new vice president of account management, Xanthe Neal.