They’re not just orders. They’re medications for patients in need.

When a long-term care facility places a medication order, they depend on you to fill the order quickly to support patient care and maintain compliance with CMS standards of care requirements. Delays disrupt workflows and cause additional administrative work for the long-term care facilities you serve and for you.

So when you choose to place a backup pharmacy order, you need a company that can deliver.

Impact on your business

After placing a backup pharmacy order, have you ever wondered:

  • Has the prescription been filled by the pharmacy?
  • Has it been picked up for delivery?
  • Has it been delivered? If so, who signed for it?

You likely place backup pharmacy orders because your own pharmacy is busy. You don’t have time to make phone calls and track down delivery status information. You want an easy process. You want to maximize your time.


What if there is an even better way to manage backup pharmacy orders?

There is! Our TracRx portal creates a transparent process where you can see the status of your orders and be proactively notified at each stage of the process. When using our portal to place an order, you get:

  • A robust and flexible notification system that allows you to set communication preferences (including sending of text messaging) to keep you and other team members notified when medications are ready, picked up and delivered
  • Order tracking on a custom dashboard from initial order placement through point of delivery (POD)
  • Ability to add new facilities directly in the portal and immediately see delivery charges
  • Enhanced reporting and analytics – down to a facility level
  • Industry-leading accuracy in backup pharmacy data (all pharmacy hours & fax numbers have been validated)
  • Automated routing of prescriptions when Group and BIN numbers change

A few short steps on the front-end saves you a lot of work and eliminates guesswork on the back-end.


Why now?

The portal can be used to reduce phone calls, reduce administrative work and improve satisfaction. In addition, when Care Services changes our pharmacy processor later this year as part of our commitment to provide leading technology, clients using TracRx will not have to do anything to be ready for this change. Changes to Group and BIN numbers will be automatically facilitated through TracRx. It’s just another benefit of placing orders in the portal.

If you’d like more information on TracRx, to see a demo, or get started now, please contact your account manager, or call us at 877-205-2148.