TracRx: Keep Your Feedback Coming!


In June, TracRx was launched as a replacement to our previous pharmacy portal. New features of the portal include:

  • A robust and flexible notification system that allows you to set communication preferences (including sending of text messaging)
  • Order tracking from initial order placement through point of delivery (POD)
  • Ability to add new facilities directly and immediately see delivery charges
  • Enhanced reporting and analytics – down to a facility level
  • Industry-leading accuracy in backup pharmacy data (all pharmacy hours & fax numbers have been validated)
  • Survey results conclude that 50 percent of TracRx users have experienced a relief in work effort, and more than 75 percent enjoy the enhanced notifications provided by the system.

If you would like to share your opinion on TracRx, please take our survey. If your pharmacy is not using TracRx and would like to get started, contact your account manager, or get more information here.

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