Meet our Chief Operating Officer

Elaine Walsh (2333 × 2333 px)

Elaine Walsh is the Chief Operating Officer for MedCallRx, InMedRx, and Complete Delivery Solutions, responsible for the Account Management Operations Teams. She has decades of experience as a transformational leader, leaving a lasting impact on the organizations and the people she leads. She brings a wealth of knowledge with a transferable skill set across multiple industries, having worked in insurance, electronic retail, and healthcare.

Elaine has been a pivotal figure in operational transformation in her organizations. Her core expertise significantly elevates both the customer and employee experience. This holistic approach leaves a lasting legacy with the people she leads and the culture created. Her transformation of the service and culture at one of the country’s largest healthcare PBMs operation teams is a testament to her leadership and vision.louis vuitton phone caseother

She has consistently showcased an ability to translate ambitious goals into tangible realities. Her unique approach to leadership intertwines the strategic facets of improving service while cultivating a culture of high engagement. This dual focus ensures that teams under her helm deliver exceptional service and flourish in delivering high levels of client and customer satisfaction.

At the heart of Elaine’s leadership style is a genuine belief in the potential of people and a commitment to transformation. She has repeatedly demonstrated how the right blend of strategy, innovation, and human connection can drive an organization forward, even in the most challenging landscapes.

Elaine obtained a bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York at Geneseo.