Myth #4: Backup Pharmacy Partners Can’t Help You Grow

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time for the Myth Busters team at MedCallRx to dispel the final misperception of backup pharmacy in 2020. This month, we’ll examine whether backup pharmacy partners can help long-term care pharmacies grow. But before we do that, it’s important to understand the history of backup pharmacy partners. The term “backup pharmacy” began a long time ago to appropriately describe the function retail pharmacies provided to closed-door or long-term care (LTC) pharmacies – to

Make a Plan to Enjoy the Holidays

December is here – it’s fun and festive…and hectic and challenging. The holidays at the end of the year are meant to bring loved ones together, to share goodwill and cheer, yet the challenges of getting everything accomplished at work and at home have increased stress less so much that 88% of Americans feel the holiday season is the most stressful time of the year. While many businesses shut down or go dormant over the holiday season,

New Field-Based Account Management Model Coming Soon

Blockbuster. MySpace. Boom Boxes. Some things aren’t meant to last forever. New technologies evolve, generations change, and we move forward, learning from the past and embracing new ideas, technologies, and processes. The team at Care Services recognizes the importance of moving forward. Since our founding, our team has conducted internal business reviews to identify how we can evolve our service model to remain at the forefront of the market. We use both formal and informal feedback from our clients from surveys and

Myth #3: Antibiotics and Opioid Analgesics are the Top Utilized Backup Pharmacy Drugs

The Myth Busters team at MedCallRx is back again to debunk another common misperception of backup pharmacy. This month we tackle the myth that antibiotics and opioid analgesics are the top utilized backup pharmacy drugs. Surprisingly, while antibiotics are sometimes sent to backup pharmacy, they don’t rank in the top 10 list of medications, and opioid analgesics used to manage pain, only ranks ninth by overall prescription count. So, what are the most common medications sent to backup pharmacy partners? In this

Myth #1: Backup Pharmacy is Only for After Hours, Holidays or Emergency Fills

A common misperception held by long-term care pharmacists is that backup pharmacy is most frequently utilized outside of normal business hours, on weekends, or holidays. In fact, across our book of business 67% of our backup pharmacy requests occur between 9 am and 9 pm, and more than 90% of requests occur between Monday through Friday! While overnight, weekend, and holiday backup pharmacy services are important, our weekday services during normal business hours are most frequently utilized. Backup pharmacy services are being used

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Keeping Employees and Clients Safe During

Care Services is closely monitoring local, state and federal government guidance regarding workplace safety, including the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidance for businesses and employers for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) for preparation and response. While we have not experienced any interruptions to our business, if at some point in the future it is necessary for our employees to work from home, we are confident that our Business Continuity Plan will enable us to continue to provide

Happy New Year!

As the holiday season comes to an end, we look forward to a new year supporting our clients. But before looking ahead, let’s take a look at 2019. We achieved several key milestones, including: Our clients trusted us to process over 650,000 backup medications and to make over 160,000 courier deliveries. We continued to operate our call centers 24x7x365 with live answering by our own employees – never outsourcing to a third party nor using an automated voice system. More than 95% of