Celebrating American Pharmacist Month

Throughout October, we celebrate American Pharmacist Month. This month is focused on commemorating pharmacists and the pharmacy team. Every day pharmacists make a significant impact on the patients they serve and provide exceptional contributions to the health care industry.

It is the perfect time for pharmacy departments to celebrate their accomplishments in providing safe and effective medication use and excellent patient care. Gratitude is special and does not go unnoticed. Pharmacists work hard to provide appropriate care to their patients every single day. Write a note, leave a review, call your local pharmacist, or simply extend your thankfulness next time you see your pharmacist. Let them know that their work is valuable.

Here are a few dates to remember throughout October:

October 12 – Women Pharmacist Day

Celebration of the significant gains that women have made in pursuing careers in Pharmacy. This day is celebrated on October 12th to honor the first female pharmacist, Elizabeth Gooking Greenleaf, who has helped inspire many women to follow their dreams of becoming a pharmacist.

October 19 – National Pharmacy Technician Day

The third Tuesday of October honors pharmacy technicians. This day was created as an opportunity to thank technicians for their support and contributions to the health care industry.

October 17-23 – National Pharmacy Week

National Pharmacy Week acknowledges the contributions pharmacist and technicians bring to their patients, hospitals, clinics, and the health care industry.

Join us this month as we celebrate and recognize the incredible impact that pharmacists bring nationwide.

Thank you, pharmacist!