ICYMI: Complete Delivery Solution Enhances Pricing Model

You asked for it – we delivered!

Did you know that the newest release of TracRx includes new functionality related to how delivery services are priced? This functionality, which went into effect on April 8, was a significant enhancement and was in direct response to client feedback.

In our previous model, the price presented at order submission was the estimated lowest price for the delivery. In that model, our driver acceptance rate of this price was around 70%. In other words, for 70% of our customer orders, the price shown to our customers at acceptance was the price billed. For the other 30%, the price billed was higher than the price listed at the start of the order due to many variables including surge pricing that took effect during certain times of day.

To change this model, we adopted an industry-standard model where client pricing is developed through algorithms built into our pricing engine that calculate fixed rates based on many criteria including historic courier rates, courier acceptance rates, locations, number of miles driven, and time of day.

Now, in our TracRx portal, the price you see when requesting a delivery is the price you are billed regardless of which courier fulfills the order. Our fulfillment team works to ensure that we can fulfill every order, including those with multiple stops, and during both on- and off-peak times.

Key Delivery Stats:

  • More than 95% of orders are delivered within 2 hours
  • More than 99% of orders are delivered within 3 hours
  • We boast an industry low .04% driver cancellation rate

In an unusual situation when a driver cancellation occurs, our customer service representatives work quickly to dispatch another driver who can complete the order.

Care Services’ medication delivery services are provided through our sister company, Complete Delivery Solution, which means that our customer service center and operating platforms are fully integrated, providing customers greater transparency and customer care.