Employee Spotlight: Dan Dodd

Dan never anticipated that he’d work in sales or account management roles after receiving his degree in occupational therapy and working as an occupational therapist for ten years, but that’s where his career led him and he’s happy he made the switch.

“Whether treating patients hands-on or being a supplier of medical equipment or ancillary services, I understand the importance of prompt and proper treatment.”

– Dan Dodd, regional account manager, Care Services, LLC

Dan’s years as an occupational therapist helped him to become a really good listener and problem-solver. Although the two roles seem vastly different, at the center of both roles is an individual who needs to be helped and this makes the roles more similar than they are different, says Dan, who leverages his expertise in helping patients in his client-facing corporate roles.

Known for being a “people person,” Dan thrives on client interactions and is known for his ability to build trusting relationships. But while he’s an extrovert by nature, he finds solace in meditation and fishing when he wants to unwind.

Dan loves working in client services, especially helping clients solve problems. In fact, Dan says the best compliment anyone can give him is to say, “Thank you, I could not have done that without you.”

The Care Services team is thrilled to have Dan join our client services team and support clients in maximizing the value of their backup pharmacy partner.

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