Myth #3: Antibiotics and Opioid Analgesics are the Top Utilized Backup Pharmacy Drugs

The Myth Busters team at MedCallRx is back again to debunk another common misperception of backup pharmacy. This month we tackle the myth that antibiotics and opioid analgesics are the top utilized backup pharmacy drugs. Surprisingly, while antibiotics are sometimes sent to backup pharmacy, they don’t rank in the top 10 list of medications, and opioid analgesics used to manage pain, only ranks ninth by overall prescription count. So, what are the most common medications sent to backup pharmacy partners? In this

ICYMI: Complete Delivery Solution Enhances Pricing Model

You asked for it – we delivered! Did you know that the newest release of TracRx includes new functionality related to how delivery services are priced? This functionality, which went into effect on April 8, was a significant enhancement and was in direct response to client feedback. In our previous model, the price presented at order submission was the estimated lowest price for the delivery. In that model, our driver acceptance rate of this price was around 70%. In other words, for