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News From Around the Industry – March 2022

Pharmacists push for enhanced role in post-pandemic life March 10, 2022 Pharmacies that say they’ve been a linchpin in the U.S. pandemic response are pressing for key regulatory changes and higher payment rates to cement their enhanced role in patient care. Why it matters: Pharmacies have become fixtures of pandemic life through testing, vaccinations and, increasingly, dispensing antivirals. But pharmacists say they’re being shortchanged, because they can’t prescribe COVID pills and receive prohibitively low fees to dispense them. Continue Article       NCPA to CMS: Part D

Women’s History Month and the Impact of Women in the Field of Pharmacy

Women’s History Month and the Impact of Women in the Field of Pharmacy The pharmacy industry has seen a dramatic shift in demographics over the years. Per the National Bureau of Economic Research, approximately 55% of all pharmacists in the United States are now women, a distinct rise from only about 14% in the mid-1960’s. As we celebrate Women’s History Month this March, Care Services would like to highlight just several of the countless contributions women have made to the pharmacy world. Below

News From Around the Industry – February 2022

The nursing home staffing crisis right now is like nothing we’ve seen before January 20, 2022 The omicron wave is hitting nursing homes hard, with infections among residents and staff reaching record highs in recent weeks. There were more than 40,000 residents who tested positive last week, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost a 10-fold rise since November. Cases for staff hit a record high of more than 67,000 cases the first week of January, but started

Are you prepared for STAT fills?

Are You Prepared for STAT Fills? When emergency and first dose fills are needed, we’re a reliable partner. No one likes to be kept waiting. Not a long-term care client placing the order, nor the patient needing the medication. We understand how critical it is to deliver medications when they’re needed. As the nation’s largest backup pharmacy provider, we have the experience and expertise to help. We’re differentiated by a proprietary pharmacy and delivery network that is managed in-house. When you call us with a

Happy National Pharmacist Day!

Happy National Pharmacist Day! Each year on January 12th, we take time to honor, recognize and appreciate pharmacists worldwide for the essential role they provide in the healthcare system. Pharmacists are vital to the health and well-being of the public. Their sacrifices and dedication to serving their patients are worth celebrating. According to the Department of Labor, there are nearly 300,000 pharmacists and 400,000 pharmacy technicians in the United States today. These individuals stand on the frontline of patient care. Pharmacists hold

Employee Spotlight – Shaun Haynam

Care Services is pleased to announce that Shaun Haynam, an experienced client services professional, has joined our backup pharmacy team as senior director of business development. Shaun has over ten years of leadership and operational experience, as well as expertise in data analysis and process improvement, which he will leverage to help clients maximize profitability and efficiency. Shaun’s natural-born people skills and strong work ethic make him an ideal candidate for the role. A graduate of The Citadel, Shaun commissioned into

News From Around the Industry – January 2022

Executive Outlook 2022: Creativity and Flexibility are Key Amidst Worsening Staffing Crisis January 2, 2022 Though some nursing home owners had hoped to put the COVID-19 pandemic behind them by the end of 2021, coronavirus variants and the exacerbated staffing shortages have made that impossible for most heading into 2022. If this year has taught the sector anything, it’s that some threats to long-term care won’t be as temporary as many had hoped. Continue Article       When We Incentivize Treatment Over Outcomes, People Suffer October 31,

2022 Outlook and Drugs Going Off Patent

2022 Outlook and Drugs Going Off Patent The patent cliff is expected to continue in 2022 as more drugs lose patent protection. For pharmacies, the increase in generic drugs that occurs as a result of patent expirations often translates to increased profit margin while also bringing relief to patients purchasing these medications. The patent life of a drug is 20 years from when the chemical entity is found in a lab. Typically, it takes around ten years before a drug

Are You Driving Long Distances to Deliver Medications?

Are You Driving Long Distances to Deliver Medications? Backup pharmacy services can help save you time and money Medication delivery is an essential service for every closed-door pharmacy. Long-term care facilities rely on timely delivery to help ensure nurse rounds and patient care remain on schedule. Whether you provide medication delivery services with in-house employees or through a partner, schedules can be easily disrupted when a stat or emergency prescription request is received outside of your routed deliveries. The farther the facility is located

Employee Spotlight: Sharon Dotson

Sharon Dotson has been a part of the Care Services family for 13 years, serving as a team lead in the company’s operations center, providing customers and colleagues a consistent and friendly voice to speak to when help is needed. Her dedication and passion for helping others allow her to complete her job with excellence. Born in Beckly, West Virginia, Sharon had no clue that her life would lead her to work at Care Services. She started work at a factory