Honoring World Pharmacist Day

“Pharmacy: Always trusted for your health.”

In just a few short days, on September 25th, people around the world will celebrate World Pharmacists Day. This year’s theme is: “Pharmacy: Always trusted for your health.” The idea around this year’s campaign is to show just how much trust society holds in pharmacists. A study conducted by the Nuremberg Institute shows that pharmacists are in the top five most trusted professionals globally.

Pharmacists provide the elements needed for trust:

  1. Positive Relationships
    Pharmacists take time to listen and understand patient needs, which helps to build positive and meaningful relationships.
  2. Competency/expertise
    Pharmacists are constantly learning and training even after years of studying and preparing for their careers.
  3. Consistency
    Pharmacists can provide a consistent process of care and skills that benefit their patient’s needs.

On World Pharmacist Day, Care Services joins others around the world in:

  • Showing our appreciation for the trust placed in the profession of pharmacy.
  • Spreading the message about the value of trust to pharmacists.
  • Telling people how pharmacists improve health in every corner of the world.

Thank you to all pharmacists around the world, especially the long-term care pharmacists that we are fortunate to call clients –  who deliver excellent and compassionate care! We appreciate you!