Women’s History Month and the Impact of Women in the Field of Pharmacy

The pharmacy industry has seen a dramatic shift in demographics over the years. Per the National Bureau of Economic Research, approximately 55% of all pharmacists in the United States are now women, a distinct rise from only about 14% in the mid-1960’s.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month this March, Care Services would like to highlight just several of the countless contributions women have made to the pharmacy world.

Below you can read more about the impact of women in the field of pharmacy, including leaders who helped break down barriers and pave a way for women to excel in this ever-important industry.

Women in Pharmacy: Fun Facts

  • Elizabeth Gooking Greenleaf is widely known as the first female pharmacist, opening up an apothecary shop in Boston in the year 1727
  • The first woman to receive a degree in pharmacy was Mary Corinna Putnam in the year 1863. She graduated from the New York College of Pharmacy.
  • By the mid 1960s, females accounted for only about 14% of all pharmacists
  • Since 1985, the majority of pharmacy school graduates have been women.
  • The percentage of women working in the pharmacy industry has been steadily increasing over time, now nearing 60%.
  • Women now serve as leaders, innovators and mentors throughout the pharmacy profession and will continue to make a significant impact on the ever-evolving field of pharmacy.