Happy National Pharmacist Day!

Each year on January 12th, we take time to honor, recognize and appreciate pharmacists worldwide for the essential role they provide in the healthcare system. Pharmacists are vital to the health and well-being of the public. Their sacrifices and dedication to serving their patients are worth celebrating.

According to the Department of Labor, there are nearly 300,000 pharmacists and 400,000 pharmacy technicians in the United States today. These individuals stand on the frontline of patient care. Pharmacists hold their patients’ needs and health concerns closely to ensure they are provided with the medications and dosages to enhance quality care.

A pharmacist is a key player in improving health outcomes. By managing complex drug regimens and navigating insurance and cost concerns, pharmacists have an irreplaceable role in the healthcare system. According to a Gallup poll, Pharmacists rank 3rd among the most trusted professionals in the United States.

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