Are You Driving Long Distances to Deliver Medications?

Backup pharmacy services can help save you time and money

Medication delivery is an essential service for every closed-door pharmacy. Long-term care facilities rely on timely delivery to help ensure nurse rounds and patient care remain on schedule.

Whether you provide medication delivery services with in-house employees or through a partner, schedules can be easily disrupted when a stat or emergency prescription request is received outside your routed deliveries.

The farther the facility is located from your pharmacy, the more expensive and time-consuming it becomes to deliver medications.

With Care Services, we can help you minimize expenses through our backup pharmacy services. When you place a backup pharmacy order with our team, we fill the medication at a pharmacy close to the facility and we coordinate courier delivery through our proprietary nationwide network. Our delivery services save valuable time and money and alleviate significant burden on your staff.

Contact Care Services to learn more about our backup pharmacy and delivery services. As the nation’s largest backup pharmacy provider, we have the experience and expertise to help.