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MedCall is the nation’s leading provider of backup pharmacy services. Founded by long-term care pharmacists, we understand your needs like no one else. Our flexible fee-for-service model means you only pay for the services you need. You can take advantage of all of MedCall’s offerings, or just the ones most important to you and your business.


How Can WE Help You ?

Save Money

MedCall’s Pharmacy Benefits Management saves you 25-40% on your current backup pharmacy bill. We also give you access to a network of retail drug stores in all 50 states, providing you even more cost-effective options for serving your customers. Plus, we send a detailed, consolidated billing statement twice a month, helping you accurately manage your backup pharmacy budget.

Arrange a Delivery

Take advantage of MedCall’s nationwide delivery network. We provide access to pharmacies and couriers in most cities and towns, and each delivery will be tracked until it arrives.

Organize Coverage

When you need coverage for evenings, weekends, or holidays — or when you just need extra help — turn to the professionals at MedCall. We act on your orders, completing the job efficiently and effectively — just as you would. With our comprehensive dispensing, distributing and reporting processes, you’ll know within 24 hours which patients received which prescriptions.

Solve IV Needs

If you need to fill a STAT IV order, MedCall can help. We'll connect you with a local provider who can manage your IV needs. Does your pharmacy offer IV infusion services? Then consider becoming part of the MedCall IV Infusion Provider Network to supply on-call, STAT IV infusion services to patients in your community. Click here to contact a MedCall representative for more information.


Using MedCall has turned out to have more advantages than I initially expected. MedCall streamlines our entire back-up process by combining multiple pharmacy account numbers into one convenient, familiar format that makes it easier for our on-call staff. Our back-up pharmacies like the immediate approved responses they receive similar to an electronic insurance claim.    Read more...
Bryan Monroe, RPH
Best Care LTC